Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind Your Language - The First Lesson [First Episode]

I come across this episode a few weeks ago with my classmates and I found that this episode was full of humour. This makes me can’t stop laughing. I admit that it was very hard for me to understand the humour behind this episode at first as I couldn’t really catch up on what they were talking about. I had gone through this episode for several times in order to ease me in detecting any grammatical or idiomatic errors along this episode. It was deniable that the students from this series were confusing with particular prepositions, idioms and phrasal verb. But, I’m very impressed with one of the character in this episode, who is Ali Nadeem. He is very passion in learning English and he seems not to be afraid of making any mistakes and very eager while speaking in English to others.
I also realized that the importance of mastering English as International language as it was a medium of uniting world community. As a foreign language learner, I also always make mistakes in speaking or writing in English. I believe that every people around this world has their own accent in speaking English. Sometimes by listening to someone’s accent, it may reveals where they are come from.
There is also a culture stereotype within this episode. This can be seen through the character of the series, who is Anna Schimdt who is very proud with her nation and presume that her nation is better than the others. 

There's also another challenge for Mr. Brown. This can be seen through Miss Courtney who ever mentioned that female’s teacher is always better than male’s teacher and I was totally disagree with this point as based on my own experience, every teacher has their own skills in teaching regardless the gender they are. This show that how disrespectful she is towards Mr. Brown. However, I am very impressed with Mr. Brown as he was managed to control his class very well although he was seems to be stress at last.
Last but not least, I would like to thank my group members who are Beremas, Nickelson and Priscilla for their commitment and great time that we shared together in preparing the presentation on this episode. Thank you, guys. =)


  1. I think that it's Miss Courtney who says that female teacher is always better than male teacher.

  2. Thank you, Miss Jessica for being alert..